Frequently Asked Questions

Why is nothing displayed when I call plot in a script?

In the REPL, if you type:

julia> s = "a string"

it prints:

julia> s = "a string"
"a string"

In a script, the line:

s = "a string"

prints nothing. You have to ask for it to be printed:

s = "a string"

Likewise for plot, if you want it to be displayed, you have to request it:

p = plot(...)

What kind of typesetting can I use in plot annotations?

Currently there is a only limited support for TeX-like formulae typesetting.

There are two ways of putting the greek symbols in the plot annotations.

You can use unicode symbols directly in the annotation string:


or you can use the TeX-like syntax:


(note the escaped \\).

Limited typesetting is available in a form of superscript (^) and subscript (_). It is also possible to group the symbols with { and } just as in TeX:


For the full list of supported symbols you can browse constants.jl. Because text is rendered with the Pango library you can also use all the markup available for Pango. In particular, you can produce bold, italic or monospace text via: